Showpass is the fastest growing ticketing company in Canada powering some of the best promoters, venues, festivals and conferences across the country. You may be asking why are so many event organizers switching from the conventional ticketing provider? Here’s why:

1. Our Guarantee:

We guarantee you will sell more tickets using Showpass. If you want to know more about our guarantee, let’s set up a demo and we can discuss over the phone or in person!

2. Service & Support:

We care a lot! We are very involved in making sure that your events are successful and your customers have an outstanding experience. From setup, on-sale and marketing to on-site training, check-in admissions and more, Showpass will ensure you are prepared and positioned for success. Although we are extremely confident in the platform, we are always on-call and always respond immediately so we are there when you need us most. We also provide 24/7 customer service & support through phone, email or online chat.

3. Technology:

The team at Showpass are serious about technology and are committed to shaping the future of ticketing. Our team includes top software engineers from across North America whose efforts are directed at increasing ticket sales via mobile box office tech, cashless payments, merch/product up-selling during ticket purchase, customer data management, anti-scalping, marketing/re-marketing and affiliate seller technology. Unlike most other ticketing companies, we work very closely with our clients to forecast and build new technology needed to compete in the competitive and dynamic world of events.

4. Fees:

We cost nothing to use and our fee structure is among the lowest in the world. Typical base fee structures start around 5% + $1 per ticket (including credit card fees) and are adjusted based on the agreement.

5. Local:

Although we are now beginning to service the US market, we are a Canadian company with boots on the ground in every major Canadian market. No more overseas or long distance calls to support centres.

6. Discovery:

With over 1 million unique visits per month, Showpass is quickly becoming a major hub for event discovery. Every day more and more customers are turning to Showpass to find out what’s going on around them.

7. Products & Merchandise: 

Showpass allows you to up-sell products & merchandise during the checkout process which has proven a 15-20% increase in revenues.

Ready to sell more tickets? Request your demo here.

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