march update

Showpass New Features Update, March 2017

We’ve been working hard at improving our system to help you sell more tickets! Some major updates were released yesterday and we wanted to let you know.

Event Categories

You are now required to select a category for each event. This will help your event get noticed on our website! We have a list of pre-defined categories you can use, or you can create your own.

You will be prompted to add categories to existing events that do not have any when saving your event. The category selector can be found directly under the event description editor.


Guestlist Widget Improvements

You can now brand your guest list widgets! When editing your guestlist widget, you can choose your primary color, and switch between a light and dark theme.

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 2.10.02 PM

If you have any questions on any of these upgrades or need assistance navigating them we are available 24/7 via: You can also ask via our chat support or you can call 1-844-307-SHOW.

Features Again

Showpass New Features Update, January 2017

We are happy to inform you of some big new features now available on Showpass!

Beta Ticket Purchase Widget

  • Customers can make purchases on your organization’s webpage without leaving the site
  • This will not support surveys, products, or assigned seating
  • In the future, web developers will be able to use our SDK to link this widget into their own
  • This feature is still in beta and is not available to all customers. If you wish to help us test this new feature out, please contact us!

My Stats Revamp

  • View your total personal sales, and reservation statistics
  • View all of your ticket sales, and get a breakdown by ticket type & payment type
  • View your reservations, and their status

Daily Dashboard Revamp

  • Improved look of daily dash, login and see for yourself!
  • View todays sales and reservation totals
  • View totals of your next five upcoming events
  • Active employees and recent customers
  • Quick recap of Online Sales, Guestlist Bookings and Max Capacities

Reservation Statistics

  • View male/female checkin totals
  • View totals for each checkin category
  • View each reservation checkin category totals

Default Ticket Purchase Limit Reduced to Eight

  • In an effort do reduce fraudulent purchases, we have changed the default ticket purchase limit per transaction to 8
  • You can update this value in the ticket type advanced editor popup

Minor Updates

  • Update payment processor API for better fraud protection
  • Refunds are now viewable on the transactions page while filtering events
  • Users can now update their phone number
  • Checkout summary table now mobile optimized
  • Fixed and added filters to Network page
  • Embed full width Soundcloud widget into event description

If you have any questions on any of these upgrades or need assistance navigating them we are available 24/7 via: You can also ask via our chat support or you can call 1-844-307-SHOW.

The fireworks explode as the Waterford crystal ball is raised at the beginning of Times Square New Year's celebration, Monday, Dec. 31, 2012 in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

Don’t Drop The Ball This New Year’s Eve

Don’t drop the ball, 5 ways to Prepare for New Year’s Eve with Showpass:


  1. Training Your Staff: Don’t be short staffed at the door, make sure they all have scanners, stamps/wristbands, and have the proper training to fire the customers into the party as quick as possible. Optimize the entrance for a smooth night as much as you can.
  2. Print off Will Call Lists of VIPs: Make sure your security, scanning staff, and any other front of house hosts know who your VIP’s are. The customers who spent the most in advance will likely continue to spend the most once they are inside.
  3. Stay Charged Up: It’s going to be a long night. Make sure you’re going into it with a full charge on all of your mobile scanners. This means grabbing your chargers today and making sure they are ready to rock for NYE!
  4. Pre-scan & Stamp/Wristband Your Customers Waiting in Line: It’s never warm on NYE, make sure that if your customers are waiting outside you show them you are doing everything you can to get them in ASAP. A little love goes along way!
  5. Make Coat Check a Seamless Process: It’s going to be busy, and this is one of the biggest pain points on January 1st. Lost coats, long lines and bad service make for a bad attitude. Staff the coat check properly.



Showpass New Features Update, December 2016

Showpass is happy to announce that we have released a major update with lots of new features and fixes. We would encourage you to take a few seconds to review the following notes in order to better understand the changes.

One of the major changes we have made is a new method for enforcing and applying permissions to your staff. We have taken every effort to ensure a proper migration of your old permissions to this new system. You may want to take a moment and double check that your staff have the permissions they are supposed to.

You can do so at

Major Features/Fixes

  1. Permission Cleanup
    • Better interface for managing employees and permissions
    • Employees can be assigned to multiple roles
    • New permissions have been added (e.g. use box office, check in tickets)
    • Unused permissions have been removed
    • Permissions are better enforced
    • The method of storing permissions has been adjusted to make the site even faster
  2. User Network Page
    • The staff tracking and customers system have been merged into one page: the network page!
    • So, staff tracking and customers systems are now removed
    • Filter your customers and create marketing campaigns
    • View your best employees and reward them for all their work
    • Coming soon: send SMS to your customers
  3. New Organization Info Page
    • Better interface for editing your organization info
    • Survey monkey dialog has been moved to the integrations page
  4. HTML product description
    • Product descriptions now support HTML
  5. HTML ticket type description
    • Ticket type description supports HTML and no longer uses markdown

That’s it from us for now, if you have any questions on any of these upgrades or need assistance navigating them we are available 24/7 via: You can also ask via our chat support or you can call 1-844-307-SHOW.


Showpass NYE Press Release

Showpass set to hit record sales as New Year’s Eve event listings hit an all time high.


We’re coming in hot off of the biggest month ever for Showpass. Having onboarded a record number of clients in November, this December is bringing us our biggest Holiday and New Year’s season yet.


We are extremely excited that thousands of new customers will have access to the new Showpass features leading up to New Year’s Eve – in particular – our New Year’s Eve event maps for each major city that we’re operating in. These interactive maps highlight all of the events kicking off on December 31st, making it possible to see all event options and make the last night of 2016 one for the record books. Simply browse through the maps and click on any event for more information, check them out here:


Furthermore, Showpass is incredibly excited to be welcoming new clients to the team including the Donnelly Group and Urban Sparq in Vancouver. These New Year’s events are known up and down the west coast as the premier places to be. A few of our top picks include The Pint Masquerade New Year’s Eve, The Drop NYE at Bar None and Republic Black Out Gala, all of which are guaranteed to be a great night out. In Calgary,  The Concorde Group is once again throwing some of the biggest bashes to ring in 2017, with the Bourbon Room’s NYE being the place to be if a speakeasy and one of a kind cocktails are your thing. The New Year’s Eve Feast is right below in National on 10th if you’d rather sample as many craft beers as possible before the year is over.


Showpass continues to be at the forefront of innovative ticketing technology, and while it’s going to be a busy month for the team, we couldn’t think of a better way of ringing in 2017 than this.  


Showpass New Features Update, November 2016

We’re excited to announce some new features available to all Showpass customers beginning today!

Introducing Enable / Disable Discount Buttons.

Applying discount codes are easy, but not all events require them. We are now able to disable the “Add Discount” button for you at checkout to avoid your customers looking for a discount that doesn’t exist, and make that checkout process that much simpler. Soon, you will be able to manage this yourself on your Organization page. Please let us know if you want your discount buttons disabled.

Embedding Media into your Event Description.

Add another layer of promotion into to your event pages with video/media embedment. To do this, click the video reel icon in “Edit Event,” click the embed tab in the pop up and paste in your embed code, simple.

*Note, all videos will be resized to responsively fill 100% of the content area.

International Phone Numbers.

We now accept them, it’s pretty great.

Announcing city-wide New Year’s Event Maps.

New Year’s Maps allow you and your customers to view event details in an interactive map layout, cool right? They are now available in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. If you haven’t done so yet get your event live today!


Enhanced Metadata.

We have stepped up our event metadata to play better with google. Now is the time to make sure all of your organization & event information is updated so they show up correctly.

That’s it from us for now, if you have any questions on any of these upgrades or need assistance navigating them we are available 24/7 via:


Calgary Stampede 2016 Reflections

Over here at Showpass we’re all incredibly excited to be coming off of a record setting Stampede in Calgary, and looking forward to catching up on some sleep and getting on the detox train. 2016’s numbers for “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth” have exponentially grown over those of the years before, paving the way for continued expansion and innovation in the entertainment and event management industry.


Every major Stampede tent was on board with Showpass this season, including Cowboys, Ranchmans, Wildhorse, and Knoxvilles. These venues brought in hundreds of thousands of guests to dozens of amazing concerts including Blink-182, Thomas Rhett, Ice Cube, Flo Rida, Hunter Hayes, and Milky Chance. Those numbers, when combined with those of the year-round Calgary venues already on the Showpass team, set records for the 10 days in July when this city embraces its wilder western side.


Here are a couple of our favorite numbers from the 10 days of Stampede;


  • 150,000+… the number of individuals Showpass proudly enabled to see their favorite artists in town
  • 60,000+…. the combined reach of the Showpass brand through its social media platforms and seller base network
  • 500+… the number of customers helped in real time through live our chat line and instant customer communication platform integrated into our website
  • 25+… venues joined the Showpass team and made Stampede bigger than ever for Showpass, despite the less than stellar weather
  • 10+… venues that trusted Showpass’ realtime clicker software to track venue capacity to abide by fire regulations and stay clear of any overcapacity issues
  • 12 minutes… the average wait time for a show goer to get through the doors for a concert
  • 30 minutes… the longest wait time for a show goer to get into one of our shows during a rush


Showpass would like to thank everyone involved for helping run a smooth and successful operation for the 2016 Stampede. We can’t wait to see what this city is going to put together next year, and we’re going to keep on improving to make an even bigger year possible! 


Box Office Pic

New Box Office Features

Showpass Staff Box Office Updates

Showpass is proud to announce that we have redesigned our box office to allow for a more streamlined experience for both staff & customers. The main focus of this redesign was to create a point of sale for onsite sales, and to allow for tickets for multiple events to be purchased at one time.

Here are a few of the features:

  • All of your events are on one page; no more going back and forth to sell tickets for different events.
  • Sell multiple events / products in one transaction (some limitations apply)
  • Run your door sales, print/email tickets and track everything with ease
  • Saves print/email configurations automatically to save time
  • Easy to use product/event search
  • Live inventory updates when ticket types and quantities are edited and saved
  • New check in selection features:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 12.10.28 PM

Upcoming Features:

  • Use chip credit cards that communicate directly with web application
  • Automatic check-in of tickets for running and tracking cash door sales

Please contact us with any questions regarding our new box office either by the chat feature on our website or call us at 1-844-307-SHOW.

Turntable 2

Showrep Network

In May of 2016, Showpass introduced the Showrep Network; a peer to peer sales network that leverages personal connections and individual influencers in order to sell more tickets. Local venues shows benefit from these increased sales through the live music community present in each city.

Multiple studies have been conducted on peer to peer and influencer selling, with the ROI being as anywhere from 3 to 15 times the amount that was spent on the marketing initiative. The average return for each $1 spent, is a $6.50 increase in revenues. Upwards of 60% of the businesses consulted in one of the studies are increasing the amount of their budgets being spent on influencer marketing, while only 21% were planning to reduce or keep that amount at a status quo.

This high level of effectiveness is the result of the weight that today’s consumers (especially millennials, which are making up the majority of the live music buying market) place on their peer’s opinions. An individual is much more likely to make a purchasing decision after consulting a friend than after seeing an ad on a social network site or hearing one on the radio. More narrowly, people want to go to the events where their friends and colleagues will be, and what better way to enable that than to allow those buyers and show goers to sell directly to each other.

That’s what the Showrep Network is, a way for those individuals who are highly active in the live music community to help their own personal network get access to all of the latest events around them. The ability to allow anyone of them to sell tickets right from their phone, at any time has increased the percentage of sell out shows hosted on Showpass. Revenues have jumped by as much as 17% for the venues that have chosen to use the network. Incentives can be offered to further boost these numbers, by allowing sellers to earn dollars or complimentary tickets for each regular ticket that they sell.

The Showrep Network is just another one of the ways that Showpass is changing the ticketing game, and giving their clients more tools than ever to increase ticket sales and raise the bottom line.


Record Shop

New Features – May 31st, 2016

QR Code Texts

  • We can now send QR codes right to your phone, to be scanned for entry at events. This means faster and easier entry for you!

“CAD” added to the end of Ticket and Product Prices

  • All of our ticket and product prices are now listed in CAD

New Venue Detail Page

  • We updated the venue detail page on our client interface. This means more customization and control for you over your venue information!

Cookies Enabled Message

  • We were having some issues saving your cart if cookies weren’t enabled on your computer, so now we’re letting you know if that’s happening so it can be an easy fix. Just turn your cookies on if you see this message and you’re good to go!

New Transfer Tickets Page

  • The transfer tickets page has been re-done, allowing for easier sending of tickets and a new function that updates the name on the ticket to that of the recipient.

New Event Image Banners

  • The main banner images on the event page are now displaying full size and are not being cropped. This means you can upload your Facebook, Instagram or full size poster images and all the info will be displayed correctly.