QR Code Texts

  • We can now send QR codes right to your phone, to be scanned for entry at events. This means faster and easier entry for you!

“CAD” added to the end of Ticket and Product Prices

  • All of our ticket and product prices are now listed in CAD

New Venue Detail Page

  • We updated the venue detail page on our client interface. This means more customization and control for you over your venue information!

Cookies Enabled Message

  • We were having some issues saving your cart if cookies weren’t enabled on your computer, so now we’re letting you know if that’s happening so it can be an easy fix. Just turn your cookies on if you see this message and you’re good to go!

New Transfer Tickets Page

  • The transfer tickets page has been re-done, allowing for easier sending of tickets and a new function that updates the name on the ticket to that of the recipient.

New Event Image Banners

  • The main banner images on the event page are now displaying full size and are not being cropped. This means you can upload your Facebook, Instagram or full size poster images and all the info will be displayed correctly.

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